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Surgical Services

Surgery for Pets

Gettysburg Animal Hospital offers full surgical services for your dog and cat, including:

  • Spay and neuter surgery
  • Cat declaw
  • Dental (oral/periodontal) surgery
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Tumor Removal
  • Ear/Eye Surgery
  • Lacerations and Abscesses

We closely monitor your pet during surgery using up-to-date anesthetic monitoring equipment. Pre-surgical diagnostics for pets are available and your veterinarian will discuss the options with you prior to surgery. IV fluid therapy during surgery is recommended for many surgical patients. To keep your pet as comfortable as possible, we utilize comprehensive pain management before, during and after your pet’s surgical procedure and our highly-trained staff offers individual, compassionate post-surgical care to each and every patient.

Examples of orthopedic surgery that we perform:

  • Luxating Patella Surgery
  • Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair
  • Femoral head and neck resection
  • Fracture Management (screws, internal plate or external fixation)
  • Torn ligaments

Examples of soft tissue surgeries we perform:

  • Gastric Torsion (Bloat): Gastric torsion is an acute, life-threatening condition that involves the twisting of the stomach as it rotates on its axis. When gastric torsion occurs, gas and liquid cannot escape from the stomach, preventing blood from returning to the heart.
  • Foreign Body Removal: When your pet swallows a piece of string or another foreign object, dangerous health conditions may occur. If your pet swallows a foreign object, immediate medical attention is required. Our veterinarians can use radiographs and ultrasounds in order to better identify the location of and remove the object.
  • Wound care: unfortunately, many of our pets develop wounds or abscesses, requiring surgical care. Timely attention often minimizes infection and leads to a quicker recovery.

Other surgeries: cystotomy to remove bladder stones, c-section for whelping difficulty, perineal urethrostomy, total ear canal ablation. We only do some of these procedures when necessary, as there may be conservative alternatives.


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