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Senior Pet Care

Wellness Care for Your Senior Pet Is Especially Important

As your pet ages, you may notice subtle changes in your pet’s activity, such as an increase or decrease in appetite or thirst, behavioral problems, signs of vision or hearing loss, dental problems, arthritis, constipation or obesity. If your older pet is exhibiting any of these symptoms, please give us a call and schedule an exam for your senior dog or cat.

During your senior pet preventative health exam, our Veterinarians may perform some or all of the following services based upon your pet’s age and health condition:

  • Our comprehensive preventative healthcare examination
  • Intestinal parasite screening
  • Heartworm testing
  • Comprehensive blood profile panel and urinalysis (to assess internal organs, red and white blood cell counts, blood sugar levels, electrolyte levels and much more)
  • Dental Screening
  • Nutrition/weight counseling
  • Chest x-rays and/or EKG
  • Abdominal x-rays
  • Osteoarthritis evaluation


Monday / Wednesday / Friday
8:30am – 5:30pm
Tuesday / Thursday 
8:30am – 7:00pm
9:00am – 1:00pm