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Pet Nutrition

Nutritional Counseling

Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs Change Over Their Lifetime

Diet is the foundation of your pet’s good health and longevity, and we will work with you to create a nutrition plan appropriate for your dog or cat’s age, weight, health, lifestyle and activity level. By assessing your pet’s history and current health conditions, we can assist you in keeping your pet healthy and active. With all the pet food brands on the market, talk to your veterinarian at your dog or cat’s wellness exam about your pet’s nutritional needs.

Gettysburg Animal Hospital carries a wide range of nutritional food and supplements, as well as other provisions to keep your pet healthy.

Your pet’s nutritional needs can change throughout the stages of your pet’s life. Please talk with your veterinarian to find out which nutritional food and/or supplement is recommended for your pet’s healthy lifestyle.


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